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LSU Water Sampler

The device you have found is a water quality sampler developed by scientist at LSU. Please leave it in place.
Our team will retrieve it within a few days.

Hi. If you're reading this you have probably found a purple object that looks like a wiffle ball in one of our local waterways. This device is known as a passive sampler. We leave it in place for a few days, and it allows us to measure contaminants at really low levels. These devices were recently developed and built by our team of dedicated environmental engineering students here at LSU. We are using these devices to study the water quality in the rivers and bayous of Tangipahoa in partnership with the Department of Environmental Quality and the Tangipahoa Parish Council. Please leave the device in place and do not damage or destroy it. Thank you for your interest in our work here at LSU. If you have any questions or concerns, please use the form below to get in touch.


Passive Sampler Research Team

LSU Environmental Engineering

Led by Dr. Aaron Bivins


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