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Opportunities to Join!

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We are striving to build a diverse and vibrant research team here in the Qu[E|M] Lab. We fully recognize that there are many candidates deserving of an opportunity to pursue their passion.


Opportunities to join the group as a Post-Doctoral Scholar, PhD student, or Master's student are posted below. Also below are links to resources specific to LSU and graduate school funding in general.

General inquiries should make use of the Contact.

Top 10 reasons to come work with Dr. Bivins at LSU

  1. Funding. I do everything I can to get you every dollar I can even if it means skipping out on my summer salary. For every milestone you pass, you get a raise. For every paper you publish, you get a raise.

  2. Need. Louisiana ranks almost dead last on every quality-of-life metric – environmental health included. There are so many challenges and within each challenge an opportunity. Come make a difference.

  3. Advocacy. My passion is helping others succeed. I’ll help you reach your goals. Check out my LinkedIn Recommendations from previous students.

  4. A Plan. We will hit the ground running with a plan from DAY ONE. I don’t like when people waste my time. I won’t waste yours.

  5. Experience. I have contributed to the publication of 42 papers in four years. I know how to ship the product. I will help you WRITE.

  6. Empathy. I was on academic probation after my first semester of college. Neither of my parents had a bachelor’s degree. I know it’s hard because I’ve been there. I taught myself to learn. I will teach you.

  7. Honesty. I won’t waste your time by lying to you.

  8. Team. A win for anyone in the lab is a win for everyone in the lab. We will work and learn together on purpose every day.

  9. Fully stocked BSL2 lab with two digital PCR platforms. We have spared no expense setting up the lab. I’m happy to give you a tour. I have ZERO problem investing in what you need to get the work done. We have two brand new digital PCR platforms and all the associated infrastructure ready to go. Digital PCR is the future of water microbiology.

  10. Mardi Gras. We know how to have a good time in Louisiana. New Orleans, one of the world’s great cities, is right down the road.

Open positions are listed below.

If you find these reasons compelling and are interested in a position that isn't listed below, email your resume and let’s set up a time to talk


Geaux Tigers!

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Wastewater Surveillance

The Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) and Hazardous Substance Research Center (HSRC) at Louisiana State University is seeking exceptional candidates for a postdoctoral researcher in the field of environmental biotechnology. The candidate will join a multidisciplinary team of researchers investigating fundamental principles and practical applications of biotechnology in environmental systems including further development of wastewater-based epidemiology. 

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