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Pathogen Detection & Quantification

Reliably detecting and quantifying human pathogens at dilute concentrations in environmental and engineered systems requires the use of cutting edge microbiology techniques.

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Analytical Sensitivity

Detecting rare pathogenic targets requires the concentration of large amounts of environmental media such as air and water. Concentration often requires the use of ultrafiltration or other techniques to achieve sensitive pathogen measurement.

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digital PCR

Accurate measurement of genetic materials associated with pathogens at low concentrations is critical to produce reliable data for decision making. Digital PCR is the cutting technology for precise quantification of genetic targets.

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Quality Assurance/Control

Robust quality assurance and quality control of dPCR experiments is vital to ensure the accuracy of the resulting data. Standard procedures include the use of negative controls, positive controls, and whole process controls to account for all potential sources of error in the workflow.

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