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Aaron Bivins

Principal Investigator


Dr. Aaron Bivins is a public health engineer leading research at the intersection of microbiology, civil engineering systems, and human health. He seeks to characterize interactions between humans and microorganisms mediated by the environment. Dr. Bivins and his team use cutting-edge environmental microbiology techniques to detect and quantify microorganisms (including human pathogens) in dilute systems.  He and his team use these observations along with quantitative microbial risk assessment to quantify health risks associated with human exposures to contaminated water, air, and surfaces.


In conjunction with his research Dr. Bivins has spent significant time working across cultures including projects in India (Fulbright Scholar 2017), Mozambique, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Jamaica. His research activity builds on his professional experience designing and permitting various hydraulic infrastructure including water distribution, wastewater collection, and stormwater systems.

Academic & Professional Appointments




Notre Dame


Georgia Tech


BP Barber & URS


Georgia Tech

Dr. Bivins is currently an Assistant Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Louisiana State University.

While a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Notre Dame, Dr. Bivins founded the COVID-19 Wastewater-based Epidemiology Collaborative in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. He also authored or co-authored more than 15 papers on wastewater surveillance of SARS-CoV-2.

Dr. Bivins completed both his MS in Environmental Engineering (self funded) and PhD during his second term at Georgia Tech. During his time as a PhD student he was both an EPA STAR Graduate Research Fellow and Fulbright-Nehru Scholar to India.

Dr. Bivins worked as a consulting engineer on a variety of civil engineering projects including the design and permitting of water distribution, wastewater collection, and stormwater management systems. He earned his professional engineering license in the state of Georgia.

Dr. Bivins earned his Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering with high honors from Georgia Tech.

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