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CEE Faculty Measure, Work to Address Contamination in Louisiana Rivers

In collaboration with the Pontchartrain Conservancy and the Snow Lab, we are using molecular source tracking to determine fecal contamination sources in two highly impacted rivers and piloting UV-LEDs to disinfect wastewater from onsite wastewater systems.

As reported by Libby Haydel, Communications Manager for the College of Engineering at LSU on June 16, 2022.

"One of the things that’s unique about this project is our engagement with local stakeholders and decision makers. We’re actually getting to work with Pontchartrain Conservancy and Tangipahoa Parish to answer questions that are most relevant to their needs. To be able to interface with the community in a way that’s practical and helpful is very rewarding."

Pilot testing for the project is underway and field sampling will begin in Fall of 2022 led by PhD student Aysa Dunne.



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