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Mimi Alkattan

Fulbright-Nehru Scholar

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Mimi (she/her) is a public health engineer with a Master's in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor's degree from Hampshire College. Mimi's research interests are drinking water quality, treatment, and distribution; the source, fate, and transport of pathogens in the environment; the detection and removal of waterborne pathogens; and environmental surveillance. Mimi is currently a 2022 Fulbright Scholar conducting a study of antimicrobial resistant E. coli in aquatic environments in India.


Mimi previously served in the Peace Corps in Mali and Guinea and has been a project manager for Engineering Without Borders while working on community drinking water projects in rural Kenya. Mimi also served as a CDC scientist on projects related to cholera and the creation of environmental microbiological labs in global regions with a high burden of diarrheal disease.


In her free time you can find Mimi somewhere outside or trying to convince her friends to go out to restaurants and/or art museums. 

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